Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Chocolate Money Decoration

Before Christmas is totally forgotten about, here are the chocolate coin decorations I made this year.  They were very popular at school fairs and one teacher put in an order for her class.

I've seen similar things done with chocolate mints but I used chocolate coins - Thorntons coins were the best ones to use as they were all the same size but I also used Cadburys (a bit more expensive but I have to say they were also a bit yummier).

I glue gunned a 10cm piece of curling ribbon to one coin, then glue gunned the 2 coins together (the glue cools instantly so it doesn't melt the chocolate).  I then mounted a stamped image onto a scalloped circle (make 2 of these - one each for front & back).  I then attached the scallops onto the coins with a craft dot, and voila .... as Nigella would say, "how easy was that!"

Happy Crafting
Suze x


Aileen said...

These are lovely Suz. I can see them on the tree but they wouldn't last long! Hee Hee x

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

Fab idea, may copy this next year??????? IF I remember

Fiona said...

Great idea - thanks for telling me about them. x